Happy Birthday to You – Cake Topper


~ 17cm Height
Circle Topper : ~ 10.5cm dia.


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Minimum Order
20 Pcs

.Passion Fruit
.Litchi + Caranberries + Rose
.Oreo Cookie

.Transparent Packet
.Box Set (Price negotiable)


Cake Topper

How to order

1. 為了確保品質穩定,每天訂單有限,見議最少 14-30 天前預訂 / 查詢。
2. 不接少於7天的急單。
3. 檔期先付款 / 落訂先得,額滿即止。一般查詢並不會預留檔期。
4. 如需訂購,請提供以下資料並透過Signal或WhatsApp (5711 7391) 查詢,本店會於24小時內回覆 :
– 需要產品 / 款式:
– 需要日期:
– 食用人數 / 數量:
– 蛋糕尺寸:
– 個人化要求:
5. 如確認訂購,將會提供Order Form並需於指定時間內付款及提供入數資料以便查收及留期。
6. 如在指定時間內仍未收到款項 / 訂金, 該訂單將會取消,如需訂購請重新查詢檔期。
7. 訂單確認及付款後將不能取消,已付之款項亦不能退回。

Pick up or Delivery Arrangement

1. For self pick-up, only at Shek Mun MTR Station (Exit C) , our Shek Mun workshop or the lobby of the workshop.

2. For drive-thru pick up, please park and wait at the entrance of workshop parking-lots.

3. As for the delivery to the door service, the delivery charge would be HK$100.00 – $300.00 depending on delivery location and area.

4. Islands District (Excluding Tung Chung, Ma Wan, Discovery Bay and Disneyland) would NOT be an accepted delivery service.

5. Pick-up and delivery time only be serviced from 11:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m..

6. Any special requirements, please feel free to contact us as soon as possible. Requirements would be considered or not depending on the situation.

Additional information

1. No preservatives are in all food. Please finish the food on or before the BEST BEFORE DATE is advised.


– for cookies or biscuits: 2 weeks from pickup date;

– for cake or cupcake: 2 days from pickup date;

– for macaroon: 5 days from pickup date.

3. If finishing the fondant cake at pickup date, NOT need to keep it in the refrigerator due to the water vapour influencing the quality of the fondant cake and figures. Please keep it in a dry and cool indoor area. It is preferred that the fondant cake is kept in an air-conditioner area or indoor with 23°C.

4. As the customers will finish the buttercream cake at pickup date, we would advise NOT to keep the buttercream cake in a refrigerator and NEED to keep it in an indoor area (cool and dry) with 23°C air-conditioner.  In case the cake is placed in the refrigerator, please place the cake in a dry and cool indoor room temperature about 1.5 – 2.0 hours early so as to soften the cake and taste better.

5. Macaroon and Cupcake need to be placed in the refrigerator. Please place them in the room temperature 15 – 30 minutes early, let them soften and better taste.

6. Cookies or Biscuits is kept in a cool and dry room temperature.


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