Buttercream Cake – Chocolate Decoration Cake

Cake Size
.4″ x 4″ (1.5 Lbs, 4-8 Person)
.5″ x 4″ (2-2.5 Lbs, 6-12 Person)
.6″ x 4″ (3-3.5 Lbs, 8-16 Person)
** For other cake sizes, please feel free to contact us **

Butter Cake Flavour
.Earl Grey

Buttercream Flavour
.Passion Fruit
.Litchi + Cranberries + Rose
.Oreo Cookie

.Cake box (With Plastic Knife & Candle)

Extra (+$)
.Tailor Made Cake Topper

Tags: Cake Topper, 自訂蛋糕插牌, Drip Cake

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How to order

1. For any enquiry and order, please feel free to contact us through the Signal or Whatsapp(5711 7391) and provide the information below: (We would try to reply to all inquiries within 24-hours.)

a. product no., photo, and style.
b. pick up or delivery date
c. for how many people or quantity of order
d. the size of cake or food
e. any personal or special requirement

2. Please note that the order should be inquired and reserved 14 to 30-days in advance. Due to maintaining the quality of the food, it is limited order per day.

3. As the processing and preparation time of bakery in need, NOT accept the order lead time less than 7-days.

4. For reserving the pick up or delivery date of the order, the full payment or deposit of the order must be paid. Enquiry only would NOT be to reserve the pick up or delivery date.

5. We would issue confirmation forms to customers. Please follow the completed payment date and provide the deposit record before the deadline in order to confirm the order and reserve the pick up or delivery date.

6. The order would be cancelled automatically as no payment received or an overdue payment. Customers must inquire once again.

7. Once the order is confirmed, NO cancellation and refund would be accepted.

8. If any changes of the confirmed order, please contact us as soon as possible. Sesame Handmade reserves the right to reject any changes of the confirmed order.

9. Please note that all of our works are handmade. It is very likely that the color and look of the product vary slightly from the reference photo. The product photo is for reference only.



Pick up or Delivery Arrangement

1. For self pick-up, only at Shek Mun MTR Station (Exit C) , our Shek Mun workshop or the lobby of the workshop.

2. For drive-thru pick up, please park and wait at the entrance of workshop parking-lots.

3. As for the delivery to the door service, the delivery charge would be HK$100.00 – $300.00 depending on delivery location and area.

4. Islands District (Excluding Tung Chung, Ma Wan, Discovery Bay and Disneyland) would NOT be an accepted delivery service.

5. Pick-up and delivery time only be serviced from 11:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m..

6. Any special requirements, please feel free to contact us as soon as possible. Requirements would be considered or not depending on the situation.